Trick to call for free anywhere in the world

Making calls these days isn't a big deal, nowadays you can make call to anybody from anywhere to anyplace in few seconds. But sometimes you are out of talktime in your mobile phone and you have to make an urgent call. I've looked over internet to get a solution for this and I've found out that there's an App called nanu which lets you call for free anywhere in the world by using internet. It's like free talktime Apps but, rather than giving free talktime it gives you free minutes.

By installing and signing up you can get 10 minutes of free calls using the nanu App. You can download Apps from it and can earn some free extra minutes. The nanu App also has a flexible and reliable referral system. You can earn lot of extra minutes just by referring to your friends. In addition, I would like to tell you the features, proof of me getting the reward and referral is explained below in this post. Highly Recommended - Some MX Player tricks you never know.

Features of nanu -

1. Call even On 2G and also supports 3G, 4G and WiFi as well.

2. Free credits per week.

3. 10 credit per refer.

4. Good call quality in compared to other app.

5. Low data Consumption.

6. Fast.

7. Easy to use.

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Proof -

call for free anywhere

Steps to call for free anywhere in the world -

1. First of all, Download & Install Nanu App - Click here to Download.

2. Now enter your Mobile Number and click verify me.

3. Now enter OTP that will come on your device and click on nanu me.

4. You'll see verification process. You're almost done.

5. Finally, now you'll Get your credit and you're ready to use nanu.

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How to get refer link to refer your friend and get 10 Minutes extra credit -

1. First of all, open Nanu App.

2. Select Contacts From Bottom bar.

3. Now Click on any non Nanu user you'll get invite button, then click on it.

4. Select any share Option Eg - WhatsApp, Hike, Jio Chat, WECHAT ETC.

5. Send to Group or friends.

6. Now share, refer and enjoy nonstop talking.

By my personal experience I'm telling you guys, it's a great App. It is quite popular among youth crazy for free recharge Apps, but as I told you before nanu is different. It will provide you free minutes for completing tasks. You are not bordered. You're free to call anywhere in the world.

Finally, there's an App which is just not great it's epic.

So, hence was the post to call for free anywhere in the world. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.